The Bot Detector is here!
Prevent aping botted launches with a simple bot scan.


What is Bot Detector Project?

Bot detector bot provides a ground breaking utility for all DeFi users!Investors in BDB will have premium access to a unique tool which the team has previously developed for Bep20 bsc chain which is working and proven to of helped 1000’s of users.

The unique utility in which we speak about is a fully custom developed telegram bot which allows defi lovers new and old to check the amount of multi wallet users that have botted / sniped a project. This allows investors to have key info regarding whether a project has a safe level of multi wallets.


Our Main Utility

Our unique custom bot has already proven to of helped thousands of users per day.

Future plans include Daaps and more custom bots to help improve the safety and confidence of investors using bot detector bot.

You will be required to hold a minimum of .1% of BDB to use the custom bot. This ensures that holders will be rewarded in bot Detector bot as well as other tokens!

Read our whitepaper

Just because a project has a high level of multi wallets does not mean it won’t do well in the same way if there’s a low level it doesn’t guarantee safety of the project. You must do your due diligence at all times!


Buy Tax


Sell Tax


Total Supply

1,000,000 $BDB



Bot detector bot's owner is @rapph.

You can buy it through uniswap. Set your slippage to around 8~12%.

First you have to make sure you have enough $BDB tokens in your wallet.
After then message @official_bdb_bot and follow its through instructions.

You need to hold at least 0.1% (10,000 $BDB tokens) of the supply in order to use our bot.