About Us

Bot Detector Bot is a token scanner/bot that not only scans tokens but lets you know how many multi wallets are in the project. All this while seeing the project and utilities grow along with your money.

Welcoming new investors

Creating a safe place for all crypto investors and people alike that are passionate and enjoy safe investing.


Investing in BDB gives you instant eligibility to be working along side our dedicated and experienced team and to use our utility This will ensure you are just a little more informed in your investments to keep your investment safe

Your voice matters

Investing allows your voice to be heard and help steer the project into building a better utility and developing the projects future.


Token Name

Bot Detector Bot



Total Supply

1,000,000 $BDB

Max Wallet

2% ( 20,000 $BDB )

Buy Tax


Sell Tax


Our Roadmap

Stage 1

✅Contract Deployment
✅Bot/Scanner Development (almost ready)
✅Website Development
✅Social media development

Stage 2

Youtube and social influencers (ongoing)
Whitepaper reveal
Deployment of Bot/Scanner

Stage 3

CG and CMC Audit Partnerships

Stage 4

Further Utility
Dex listings
Further customization of bot

Our Partners

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by the community.

What is Bot Detector Bot?

Detector bot is a utility project launched on the BSC aiming to guide and protect new investors in the space.

Provide some BNB to your wallet and your can buy and sell $BDB tokens Here

You can only buy up to 20,000 $BDB tokens.

Once our utility is released people will be required to aquire some tokens in order to use it, this gives us a continous price drive.

Who can use Detector Bot?

Investors and users who have $BDB tokens can use the bot.

We'll release more detailed information about the actual bot on our whitepaper.

We'll make sure that every holder will be able to use the bot.